Monday, 17 June 2013

gardening week

It’s so frustrating, but now I’m feeling better and somehow I have to work out how to condense all of the jobs that I should have done into half the time. So out I go.
Initially on days like these, I go about my gardening with a sense of duty rather than a spirit of adventure.
Head down, backside up, cutting back lank and wizened stems, pulling and wrenching, snapping and severing. I realise that the task has taken over. It has established its very own irresistible rhythm and I’m swept along.
Raking up all the detritus that’s been left in my wake and seeing the bed transformed is immensely satisfying.
It almost begins to feel organised. And it’s good to be reminded of the routine of garden work, the pattern that runs through the year and, without which, inspiration would stumble and imagination stall.
The clearing, tidying, pruning, feeding and weeding that happens now underpins everything that goes on in the garden during this year – and in all of the years still to come.
In the greenhouse, everything is taking off now. Trays of hardy and half-hardy annuals, cornflowers, cosmos, calendula not to mention herbs, parsley, dill and coriander are all up and running.
It may not be proper March weather, but these little seedlings can sense the lengthening days. Some are put into individual pots, others into modules. But one way or another, it just means they take up much more space.
Where am I going to put them all? Hope the weather warms up soon.