Friday, 18 September 2015


Some moments are far better between the pages than between the sheets because Unni R made a poetry with two MEN , a naked woman and the distance between them . Here I am realizing the art of fiction , the art of weaving strings of lies to create a greater piece of TRUTH....
Finally shattering of silence - passion flows, desires stir, our earthy senses become dull, and her eternal soul becomes illumined
A DEVIL bring me those memories of LEELA .. Thank you Raj Govind for giving me that that DEVIL's pages...
and sincere thanks to Illustrations By Pavisankar a person who never seeing nothing in anything ....for this amazing sketch

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


My college buddiz are planning to prepare a padayani group ... Today when they inform me about this , I just remember an article about padayani that I read earlier .. these two are the reason for this blog ...

Paths that smell of paddy stems,Nostalgia which adding fragrance of sweat ....

 Pathanamthitta is known for its ritualistic performing art Padayani. Padayani to Central Travancore is what Theyyam and Thira to North Kerala. The arrival of Kolangal, the possessed performers of the art, accompanied by the mesmerizing beats of percussion instruments like chenda (cylindrical percussion instrument), kaimani (cymbal) and thappu (small drum) with light from torches made out of small bundles of dry coconut leaves and hand lamp are what makes the nights of the villages here bustling and festive during this time of the year. 

Renowned Malayalam poet Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan, hailing from Kadammanitta, a village in Pathanamthitta, has attempted to explore the vivacity of this art form through his poems. His poems had a significant role in popularizing this art form among the people. That's the reason why Padayani is also known as the art form of Kadammanitta populace. 

What makes Padayani a unique festival of the villages is certainly the participation of people from all religions and castes. Legend has it that Padayani was originated to eliminate all kinds of illnesses like chickenpox. So eventually it became a festival of the entire village. 
Padayani Kolams are made by cutting areca leaf sheaths in certain shapes, combine them with midribs of coconut leaves and finally adorn with tender coconut palm leaves and colour papers. The figures of folk deities are drawn on them with natural colours from turmeric, red stones and charcoal.

There are different types of Padayani Kolams such as Kalan Kolam and Bhairavi Kolam. Each Padayani Kolam has different purposes. For example, Marutha Kolam is performed to please the deity so that she protects the villagers from communicable diseases like smallpox. Similarly, Kalari Kolam is performed to get a child of desired sex while Matan Kolam is performed to eliminate diseases caused from the fear of night. Hence Padayani is an amalgamation of different Kolams and music.

The festival of Padayani usually happens in the months of February and March (Khumbham and Meenam months as per Malayalam calendar). The rituals that lasts about 12 days starts with chootuveyppu in which the tail end of dry coconut leaves made into a bundle is lit from the lamp at the temple by the priest and handed over to the ooraazhmakkaran. Following this, there will be percussion performance called 'kaachikkettu' or 'thappamelam' to inform the village about the start of the festival. Then the deity of fire is invoked into a choottu (dried coconut leaves bundled) and the fire is preserved until the performance is over. 
The Padayani performed on the eighth day of Medam is the most important one.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Happy Onam

When I am alone...When I am wandering in my solitude ... Celebration is an opportunity - Eat, drink, and be merry just by thinking -  tomorrow we'll die   

But remember one thing to Celebrate the life as well as to update the life by wandering through the wildness of solitude...
, That's why i am  celebrating my  life vth Explorations...

Monday, 24 August 2015


A single child.

Many of us think that a single child is very lucky coz they get all the attention, they don't have to share stuff, all the money is spent on them. But living as one is very difficult. There are things which you can't share with parents but can share with siblings, a single child is not that lucky to share feelings with sibling.
The guidance of an elder brother/sister is very important in life but a single child is deprived  of those values. 
Watching other people uploading pictures with their siblings, spending time with them, sharing secrets hurts a lot. 
Spending days alone and sleeping alone in night without someone to share day is the worst thing.
Watching others celebrating Rakshabandhan is very painful.

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Aggressiveness doesn't guarantee your victory

Never take anyone lightly

You can never know anyone completely

If you have weakness you are man but if you overcome them you are batman

Either you die a hero or live long to see yourself as villian

"Plans never work." 


He know only once in your life, you are going to find someone who can completely turn your world around , He know Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine...from both these ideas .....
..In a November morning .....He said quietly “I'm in love with you," 
she replied " me too..can you keep my heart with you ?"
He just stared to her eyes..and answered - This is NO MAN'S LAND , but now its ours...the safest place for our heart ...

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sweet-classy Poem.....for the celluloid

For most of history,women are mystery ..... This girl is composed of two things: classy and fabulous
She was free in her wildness but for , who and what she wants...... SHOBHANA...Miss u....

Shobhana who amerged as one of the finest sensations in India after winning the highest accolade for a film Actress-The National Award for best Actress .Her entry into celluloid was not surprising.But what was outstanding is her enduring brilliance which has been dazzling film goers for than a decade Shobhana,a noted exponent of classical dance,made her heroine debut in Balachandra Menon's film April 18,which was a box office hit.After Padmarajan's KAANAMARAYATHU..YATHRA..the list is going on..However,she was catapulted to the dizzy heights of stardom when she paired opposite Mammootty in one of the all time hits KAANAMARAYATHU...Since then there was no looking back for her.She has been going places.Now at the heights of superstardom,and all South Indian leading heroes,and string of blockbusters,it seems she has no more heights... 

She's strong! And scary in Manichithrathazhu ..not just because of her makeover ..  most beautiful makeup of this  woman is passion. ..

To Kunji Kuttan

We all are addicted to our thoughts except that every form of 

addiction is bad...But I'm not a saint yet so I am addicted to your 

write ups....because an intelligent person can rationalize 


She: Can you sketch my nudity?
He: I am bad with a brush in hand.
She: Can you at least write verses on my nudity?
He: I am worse with a pen in hand too.
She: Possible then to sing praises on my nudity?
He: I am worser with my baritone, let alone sing.
She: Then do something with my nudity!
He: I could possibly cover yours in mine.
She: With your clothes?
He: With my nudity.
She: (smiles)
He: (smiles)
She: (smiles) again.
He: Makes her (smile) a third time

Sunday, 2 August 2015


മലകൾ നിലവിളികുകയാണ് എത്ര യുഗങ്ങളായ്‌  നിങ്ങളെന്നെ വെട്ടി പൊളിച്ചു  ശിവനെ വാർക്കുന്നു  ,വ്യക്ഷം മനുഷ്യനോട് സങ്കടപ്പെടുന്നു എത്രയോ നാളുകളായ് നിങ്ങളെന്നെ വെട്ടി മുറിച്ച് കുരിശ്  പണിയുന്നു  ,എന്നിട്ടുമെന്തേ നിങ്ങളിൽ ആരും കൃസ്തുവിനെയും ശിവനെയും കാണാതെ പോകുന്നു...ഇനിയും ആ നിലവിളികൾ തുടർന്നാൽ ....തീ പടര്‍ത്താനുഭയോഗിച്ച കമ്പോ കൊള്ളിയോ അടുപ്പ് കല്ലോ തന്നെയും കത്തിത്തീര്‍ന്നാലും തീ പിന്നെയും പടര്‍ന്നുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കും എല്ലാം എരിഞ്ഞടങ്ങും വരെ .......