Wednesday, 5 August 2015

To Kunji Kuttan

We all are addicted to our thoughts except that every form of 

addiction is bad...But I'm not a saint yet so I am addicted to your 

write ups....because an intelligent person can rationalize 


She: Can you sketch my nudity?
He: I am bad with a brush in hand.
She: Can you at least write verses on my nudity?
He: I am worse with a pen in hand too.
She: Possible then to sing praises on my nudity?
He: I am worser with my baritone, let alone sing.
She: Then do something with my nudity!
He: I could possibly cover yours in mine.
She: With your clothes?
He: With my nudity.
She: (smiles)
He: (smiles)
She: (smiles) again.
He: Makes her (smile) a third time